Five Ways Maggie Sawyer Could’ve Exited

Disclaimer: I’m no hot-shot writer. I don’t write scripts. I wrote a short-story when I was thirteen that was essentially ‘War of the Worlds’ saturated with some doomsday romance. Looking back, maybe they just all wanted a shag before the world ended. That aside, I think the message is clear: I’m not a writer. And I truly respect those who do it for a living because it must be so difficult.

Okay, let’s break it down — and I’m not holding back any punches, because what’s the point? If your writing is not direct and you’re tryig to be overly diplomatic, then where is your opinion? Your voice?

Here’s how I see it — and I also acknowledge that not everyone will see it this way:

  • Maggie and Alex became a couple
  • Alex did some badass stuff but not as cool as season one
  • Maggie did that badass thing where, er, she got shot and also negotiated a hostage–oh no wait, sorry, that was Supergirl. God damn it.

Do you see my issue? Every day we get hounded about work-life balance. Well, ‘Supergirl’ clearly thought: fuck that, work-life balance is for wusses, so we’re gunning for the romance and pizza and kisses and an entire Valentine’s Day episode in which nothing fucking happened except Maggie revealed her past wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows (wait–was that not expected?). Look, I’ve had people say Riverdale isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Good job, because it’s a pile of crap, serious or not. But when it’s as embarrassing as the fact that ‘Supergirl’ writers cannot balance a work/life relationship — literally the basics of…life…then, well… You fill in the blanks. I’ll just get crass.

So anyway, crap happens, and I can’t be bothered to type it out because it’s so dull, and Maggie leaves. Well, she forgets her passport, but then she leaves. Why?

Now this is a VERY valid reason. Alex wants kids, and Maggie doesn’t. End of. And people may feel that is a weak argument but I think when they are in their thirties (I presume) this is a HUGE decision for them. We’ve just seen Penelope refuse to have kids with Max, and they break up, because she wants him to be happy and have kids even though she still loves him. She just doesn’t want anymore kids. This is a huge factor and one I know little about — I’m twenty four, and I don’t wanna be around kids for a WHILE. But the reason is undoubtedly super valid.

The execution? Not so muchc. I guess one of the main issues is that if this had been discussed earlier, or if there had been ANY hints towards their differences re: kids, it would’ve allowed room for:

  1. In-depth discussion and what they can compromise or not
  2. Er, clueing us in on the fact that Alex even wanted kids
  3. Discussing how the fuck they’re gonna keep their careers with kids – because screw me up the [somewhere I should not mention] if you think either Maggie or Alex would legit quit their jobs for a child.

It’s why I find it so confusing. Alex obviously adores Ruby, so why not baby sit her more often ? I understand she wants a child of her own, but has Alex ever thought about being shot in the line of duty? What would happen to her kid? To Maggie? To Kara? To everyone who loves her? Why has that never been taken into account?

With that lame excuse out, because I do understand this was Floriana Lima’s choice to leave, therefore putting a bit of a rushed end on things…Here’s five ways they could’ve written her out whilst respecting her character.

I won’t rant about the fact that her exit was literally more Alex-focused than Maggie-focused…


This is probably the most exciting one for me because:

  • It makes use of her detective skills and embellishes her as a fuckin’ badass
  • Duuuude, I’ll eat my hat if Cadmus isn’t a major storyline at some point.
  • Picture this: Cadmus takes control over Fort Rozz ($$$$$$$$$$$$) and Maggie has to go undercover to weed out the corruption, and it’s a deadly-as-hell storyline but she a.) gets to show off her Detective skills and b.) there are definitely times for stunts and heroics, dude.

Of course I am not gonna outline a full story–but this allows Maggie to show that she really is a bloody decent cop, whilst seeking justice at heart, and self-sacrificial. She will do anything to make sure her city is safe. Sometimes, I felt ‘Supergirl’ took the job Maggie had (or even Alex at times) far too…well, blase would perhaps be the right word. It’s like: “oh look, he forgot to sign the warrant, go on Winn, have twenty four hours” when that just wouldn’t happen, man. It’s all very convenient to the plot.

The thing is, if ‘Supergirl’ wanted to go that way, they could. Stick Maggie undercover in Fort Rozz. See what she can find out. Cultivate a storyline where Cadmus is involved. This is no longer about Maggie. Think of the impact it will have on Lena; on Alex; and especiallty on Supergirl. So again: this robs no storylines from anywhere. Supergirl will essentially be at the centre of this!



I gotta admit, this amuses me more than anything (can you imagine Lima as Costner, and McGrath as Whitney?) but you’d think that with the death threats Lena’s been facing, she really needs like…a more competent security staff. Step in Maggie Sawyer. Now, if Lena’s toeing the line between good and bad (I’m plumping for good, because McGraaaaaaaaaath) she’s in a lot of danger. Maggie has proven herself capable. She can be Frank Underwood’s Edward Meechum of sorts.

On the flipside, if Lena IS up to something dodgy (PLEASE do not make McGrath a villainness!) then again, isn’t Maggie in the perfect position to report back to Supergirl and Alex?



THIS HAS BEEN WAITING SINCE FOREVER. I feel like I accidentally slow-cooked it.

Honestly? Maggie is not my favourite character — I’ll admit it. Alex Danvers is by far my favourite. But I COMPLETELY get her point when she says she likes Kara, but not Supergirl. The hostage situation in 2×19 was a clear set-up for the friction they would have during the episode, but it was so bloody arrogant, cocky, irresponsible and unnecessary. When acop has something  under control, sweeping in like a superhero renders you nothing but conceited and snobbish. You look down on the cops doing their duty which is unacceptable.

What else are cops supposed to do, then? These are patriotic, devoted cops. You think just because you’re from Krypton you can rewrite legislation? I’d like to see Supergirl try. But the disruption there was horrible to watch. It was degrading.

But while it was so horribly forced, the IDEA of it made for good drama. When Maggie says she likes Kara but not Supergirl, she has a very valid point — and maybe that could come out more, moving forward, provided Lima returns. Could you imagine grumpy Kara not wanting Alex to date Maggie anymore because she’s as stubborn as a pig? Or Maggie and Kara working cases together, knowing Alex would pull Maggie away because it’s too dangerous? Three is definitely a crowd. And by far, this is the weakest point of all — but friction separating the trio would be quite fun to see.



This one is easy. Rumours are already flying around about a possible Floriana Lima return. I haven’t kept up with the recent episodes so can I assume she’s still in National City or something? Either way, this point is very short. Just shoot her. Granted, I know shooting a lesbian is a taboo topic, but hey, she’s clever enough for bullet-proof vests. Injury can wipe someone out for a while, and you’ll get all those tear-inducing hospital scenes (nobody can top the final episode of season two, One Day at a Time, though).



Listen, she had a passport.

In the comics she had a romance with Kate Kane!

And there is no doubt that she would be a valuable asset.

If Lima is away from ‘Supergirl’ production in-definitively, I can see her storyline headed this way, with the occasional mentions from Alex or even Kara. I don’t have much to say other than I think it’s very likely, and she’ll be kickass. I’d watch her and Oldman’s version of Jim Gordon all day, every day!

My point is, Maggie Sawyer had so much potential. When it was first announced they were casting her, I jumped through the roof. Cpt. Sawyer’s been a hero of mine for a while. Seeing her on The CW, understandably, is a bit watered-down, but I immensely enjoyed Ms. Lima’s depiction of her. Fearless, impulsive, and cocky to the point where she knows she’s good — it was great. And I really do hope she comes back to the show so, er, I can keep watching it — but at the same time, I’d really like her to get some meaty material and I wonder if ‘Supergirl’ is the show for that. Either way, I’m glad another talented actress has made her stamp on the role, on the LGBTQ community, and for audiences everywhere. Bravo!

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