A collection of my writings from this blog (previously posted on Talk Nerdy With Us when I wrote there), and up-to-date posts from TV After Dark, where I am an original content writer, reviewer and senior editor.

Think pieces:

I write a few opinion pieces, think-pieces and sometimes technical analyses i.e. of fighting technique and realism of it in a show


Fan-centric pieces:

I’m very active on social media, so I when controversy occurs or matters to discuss arise, I like to reach out to them and ask of their opinion, or indeed, write specifically to them.


Television reviews:

I’ve reviewed a variety of television shows, so here are samples of a) episodic reviews; b) “four episode challenges”, in which we review the show after four episodes to assess whether it’s worth the watch; c) scene stealers, for the supporting cast member who shone, aside from the lead; d) season verdicts, which is a review of a season as a whole.


News pieces or interviews:

Assigned to me by my news editor or my Editor-in-Chief, I do these immediately and get them posted. Regularly, they are casting news.


These are all posts that have been written for Talk Nerdy With Us, on my personal blog, or TV After Dark. Recently, I’ve been starting (as of last week!) to look around for guest article opportunities to relevant sites about subjects I pitch. Fortunately, I was heard, and Diva Magazine published my first guest article that I’d pitched. Here’s hoping to more every now and then!